Saturday, January 18, 2014

PERFECT DAY - with 1 inch of new snow overnight!

PERFECT DAY - 1 inch of new snow, Clear skies, 90% open, 2 Terrain Parks with lots of new features, Ice Skating, Tubing, Ridgely's Fun Park, Rail Jams, Freestyle equipment demos at the top of Eagles Swoop......what am I forgetting??  This weekend is likely to be the best of the 13/14 season, make plans to head this way!

Operating Hours:

Skiing and Riding on 23 trails with 5 lifts operating.  - Open 9a - 10p

Terrain Park:

Upper Diamond Hill Progression Park-  OPEN -  2 16ft flat boxes in a line, 2 12ft flat rails in a line, small jump, 10ft pipe spine, flat down rail and a small down rail.

Main Park- OPEN - elbow kink, large camo tank set up flat, 20ft down pipe, wide butter box, up tank, a frame box, 2 medium size jumps.

RAIL JAM 6PM TONIGHT - Main Park will close at 5:00pm for practice runs and remain closed for this event.


The Plunge is open with sessions from 9a - 10p

Ridgely's Fun Park is open Saturday and Sunday from 11a-4p


Great weather forecast through the weekend.  Low tonight of 18, sunny Sunday with a high of around 32.  High in the low 40's on Monday.....  ALL GOOD NEWS!   

Now that the overall surface is cleaned up and great for the weekend, our snowmaking goals shift gears.  New focus - adding snow in the Terrain Parks, building up a few weak spots and finishing up Acorn.  Some of our "stockpile" areas are weaker than we would like.  These spots will get a little more snow over the next few days.  Both park eat snow like the cookie monster eats cookies...  We always need and want more snow in these areas.  More snow allows the Park Crew to be more creative in what they build and how many features we end up with.  We will keep making snow so the Parks stay fresh and fun.

Acorn is coming along and if all goes well, it will open Sunday.  In the end, temperature and wind will decide if we make our deadline.  If we miss Sunday, we should have it on Monday.  We are going after it as hard as we can.

Snow in your face over the weekend?  Maybe a little from Mother Nature.  We plan to throttle way back on open terrain, running Acorn hard and just a few guns in critical spots.  During the overnight hours, we will kick the big system back on in an effort to rebuild and refresh the surface.