Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Making SNOW! More Terrain opening over the next few days!

Another great snowmaking night, allowing us to build base, refresh the surface and make huge stockpiles of snow.  Having piles of snow in strategic spots is important when operating during a thaw.

Today's open slope report will remain slightly lower than a few days ago.  We will close a few trails for intense snowmaking and "pull back" on open terrain.  This effort allows us to concentrate our efforts and provides a better guest skiing and riding experience.  FYI- Tomorrow's report will add Upper Sunrise to the open list.  Open trail count should be 22 by Friday!

Terrain Parks - both parks are closed today for snowmaking and feature building.  We pounded these areas over the last few days in an effort to make a ton of snow.  To make them great, Terrain Parks require more snow than regular ski and ride terrain.  More snow = more features, more variety and more fun.  Chris and his crew will be very busy over the next several days, make plans to enjoy what they design and build.

Operating Hours:

Skiing and Riding on 16 trails with 4 lifts operating.  Open 9a - 9p

Terrain Park:

Upper Diamond Hill Progression Park-

Closed until Thursday for intense snowmaking and feature building

Main Park-

Closed until Friday for intense snowmaking and feature building


The Plunge is closed until Thursday for intense snowmaking and lane re-building

Ridgely's Fun Park is open Saturday and Sunday from 11a-4p

Pics from this AM: