Saturday, January 11, 2014

open - skiing and riding on 22 trails.

Operating Hours:

Skiing and Riding on 22 trails with 4 lifts operating.  Open 9a - 10p

Terrain Park:

Upper Diamond Hill Progression Park-  OPEN - 2 flat propane tanks, 2 flat 16ft boxes, small jump, small tank bonk, A frame box and a small down rail.

Main Park- UPPER SECTION OPEN - 20ft flat rail, urban style handrail with a kink, 20ft flat box and a box jam.

The Park Crew have had a tough go.  Multiple attempts to open the main park, cut short by rainy warm weather.  What we have open is very creative and lots of fun.

Big snow features within the Main Park are going to have to wait until the rain stops.  Pushing snow around in the rain increases the snow melt loss.  No snow means no park.....  Rainy weather leaves the area tonight, providing an opportunity to rework features and possibly add more. 


The Plunge is open today with sessions from 9a - 10p

Ridgely's Fun Park is open Saturday and Sunday from 11a-4p