Saturday, September 8, 2012

Massive Snowmaking Improvements!!

Greetings Snow Fans! The Ski Area is undergoing the largest snowmaking expansion since automating the slopes during the 2001-2003 seasons. Since 2001-2003, automation provided efficiencies, awesome snow quality and increased production. Our newest project is all about a massive increase in production with the same incredible snow quality. We are going to be making more snow across all temperatures and a lot more snow overnight!

Key Improvements:
  • More snow production across all temperatures means opening trails sooner, providing better snow coverage and keeping slopes open longer
  • More snow on The Highlands. Previous pipeline constraints limited our snowmaking production on Highlands to approximately 1,500 GPM (gallons per minute). The new pipeline improvements will double our production allowing 3,000 GPM of water to flow through this section of the mountain
  • Ability to run more guns on more slopes. Overall production increases will allow us to start making snow on additional trails giving customers more terrain sooner resulting in better variety and better value
  • Increased production in our Terrain Park will allow us to open this area earlier
  • Increased production in The Plunge will allow us to have more lanes early and late season
  • Increased snow production overnight means when the forecast and base depths permit, we plan to make less snow while open and catch up overnight
  • Ability to recover more quickly. Virginia can provide interesting weather... increased production allows for faster recovery
TechnoAlpin Fan Gun
The scope of the project includes:
  • 5 million gallons of on the mountain water storage allowing for increased production
  • 3000+ GPM of water cooling, resulting in increased production
  • Massive 16 inch pipeline from the snowmaking plant to key points within the ski area, resulting in much higher water volume and increased water pressure
  • Additional 4000 GPM of high pressure fully automated water pumping (previous max 4000 GPM) resulting in a total max production output of 8,000 GPM
  • Additional 3000 GPM of water cooling. Cold water increases snow production
  • Additional TechnoAlpin fan snow guns
  • Additional MyNeige tower snow guns
The Low Down:
  • More guns and more water = MORE SNOW.
  • MORE SNOW = MORE FUN. Bring it on!