Friday, December 20, 2013

Spring Snow Weekend!

Mild temps over the weekend are going to provide a brief window for Spring ski conditions.  Warm air, sun and soft snow, Spring conditions can be a ton of fun.  The next chance for Spring snow could be March, get it while you can!

Normal Winter temperatures return Monday allowing for additional snowmaking Monday night.  Overnight lows should provide snowmaking opportunities for most if not all of Christmas week.  Once the cold arrives, we will freshen up what we have and go full bore on additional terrain.

Insider tip: Recognizing this warm up was coming our way, we made additional snow on our core trails.  Most of these trails are in really good shape with enough snow in reserve to push into thin areas.  As weak spots develop, we use our stockpiles of snow to cover.  Once the cold air returns, we make repairs and at the same time we focus our attention on opening additional terrain.  A small portion of our snowmaking capacity is used for rebuilding while the largest part of our capacity is focused on getting more slopes open.  Our overall snowmaking goal - get more slopes open as fast as we can....
Snowmaking plan/status:

Upper Turkey - we have about 70% of the snow we need.  The warm air will take a little of this away, however, we will have a good base layer to build from.  Snow accumulates faster on snow - starting on bare ground is harder...  We plan to open this trails by the weekend of the 28th, maybe sooner.

Terrain Park - The base layer is complete, the next step is snow for features.  Chris has pushed this area and tilled it smooth essentially building the foundation for additional snowmaking.  When the cold air arrives Monday night, sled guns will be in place for the final "feature building" step.  We plan to open this area by the weekend of the 28th, maybe sooner.

Lower Diamond - Almost skiable.  This slope needs more width and depth, and might be finished up by the 26th.  If we miss the 26th, we should get it by the 27th.

Lower Cliffhanger and Devils Elbow - These two trails have a little bit less snow than Upper Turkey.  Getting these open by the 28th is the plan. 

Operating Hours:

Skiing and Riding on 12 trails with 4 lifts operating.

Open 9a - 10p

Terrain Park:

Two distinct lines.

First line - Propane tank, big wide fun box, small 16ft box, A frame box,

Second line - Down rail, 20ft pipe slide "slim jim", small propane tank, small progression jump


The Plunge re-opens today with sessions from 1:30 - 10p.