Monday, December 30, 2013

Snowmaking Tonight

Nice day coming our way with a high in the low 30's.  Colder air is working its way into VA, with overnight lows expected to fall into the low 20's.  Cold air = snowmaking = a great surface, increased base depths and opening new terrain. 

Operating Hours:

Skiing and Riding on 15 trails with 5 lifts operating.  Open 9a - 10p

Terrain Park:

Fun box
Box line - (2) 16ft boxes and an  A-frame box
Rail line - Urban style down rail, 8 inch pipe set up flat, side by side rail and a small jump.


The Plunge is open with sessions from 9a - 10p.

Ridgely's Fun Park is open from 11a-4p

Snowmaking Plan for this week:

All dressed up and nowhere to go...  Our forecasted overnight low in the 20's never arrived.  Instead, the ski area stopped short at around 34 degrees.  The colder air is simply taking a little longer than previously forecasted to get here.     

We have a good forecast for the next 7-10 days, providing lots of snowmaking hours.  As soon as the temp permits, we will begin refreshing the surface and repairing any weak spots.  We have stockpiles of snow that we plan to push out.  This snow will assist in building up thin areas and widening terrain. 

While doing all of the above, a big portion of our snowmaking capacity will be focused on opening new terrain.  The Terrain Park, Lower Diamond, Lower Cliffhanger and Devils Elbow are all on the "next open" list.  All of this terrain is expected to open this week.

Pics taken this AM: