Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snowmaking Temps Finish Out 2013

Snowmaking temps returned overnight allowing us to begin making snow around 2am.  Overnight, we started refreshing trails currently open.  Before guests hit the slopes, we will switch most of our capacity to new terrain.  NWS forecast - breezy high 33 and a low of 21 should make for a nice day on the snow.

Operating Hours:

Skiing and Riding on 15 trails with 5 lifts operating.  Open 9a - 9p (early close for fireworks set up)

Terrain Park:

Fun box
Box line - (2) 16ft boxes and an  A-frame box
Rail line - Urban style down rail, 8 inch pipe set up flat and a small jump.


The Plunge is open with sessions from 9a - 8:30p.

Ridgely's Fun Park is open from 11a-4p

Snowmaking Plan for this week:

Basically a 2 part plan with a twist - refresh open slopes and get additional slopes open while minimizing snowmaking on guests.  To do this we will move back and forth between open and yet to open terrain.  During daylight hours we will spot guns in key areas and run most of our capacity on new terrain.  Overnight, more capacity goes back on open terrain to refresh, widen and rebuild base.  The result - a general build up in snow quantity and quality.    

Next to open -   The Terrain Park, Lower Diamond, Lower Cliffhanger and Devils Elbow are all on the "next open" list.