Monday, December 3, 2012


December is starting out warm, however, this is not all that uncommon for VA.  Temps are expected to moderate in coming days allowing for the possibility of overnight snowmaking.  We are ready to go as soon as temperatures drop below freezing.
With limited snowmaking hours in this weeks forecast, opening day is likely to be December 14th or 15th.  Please check this report for the most up to date information.  We plan to open as soon as the weather allows.   
Pumphouse Progress Update:
The original snowmaking plant is ready to go allowing us to begin making snow as soon as the cold air arrives.  The new pipeline expansion is complete, tested and helped us make some snow last week.  The new pumphouse and water cooling plant should be online by 12/15.  Everything is coming together to help make this the best snowmaking system in our region.

BIG Pumps require BIG power! 

3,000+ gallons per minute of water cooling requires BIG water coolers!

Tank Progress Update:
Our new 5 million gallon water tank is scheduled to be filled this Friday. At a fill rate of 2,000 gallons per minute, it will take 41 hours of continuous pumping to get the tank full.
If you are wondering how big our new tank is, these 2 pictures should provide a good idea.
The concrete truck in this picture is not a toy.

The excavation required blasting and removal of approximately 26,000 cubic yards of material.