Thursday, December 13, 2012


We fired up our guns around 6:30pm last night, concentrating our snowmaking efforts on Eagles Swoop, Dobie, The Plunge, Potato Patch, Highlands and both Cross Trails.  The system performed extremely well with approximately 2 million gallons of water converted to snow.



Today's high temp of 40 will likely force a mid morning shutdown.  Once temperatures drop back below freezing, we will resume snowmaking.

OPENING DAY UPDATE: Opening day is looking like sometime after December 19th.  Weather permitting, we will do everything we can to open before 12/22.  We want to be sliding as badly as you do.  Keep checking this message for the most current information about our opening plans, slopes status and snowmaking progress. Weather forecasters are talking about a transition to Winter early next week along with the threat of a coastal storm.  Cross your finger and toes for freezing temperatures!


Tank fill status as of Tuesday AM.

Tank status as of Wednesday AM - all most full!
As of this morning, the tank is full and doing exactly what we hoped it would.  Overnight we used our new tank to provide additional water for our snowmaking system.  Tonight we will begin recirculating our tank water through our chiller system in an effort to bring snowmaking water temps down.  Current water temp coming out of our valley lakes is 54 degrees.  Converting 54 degree water to snow is tough and overall snowmaking production suffers.  Cold water is a key component to increased snow production!