Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We are expected a couple of inches of snow today and another round of natural snow on Friday.  All of the new snow is likely to make this weekend the very best skiing and riding of the season.  Make plans now to have fun at Wintergreen!  

Ski and Ride:  We are open from 9a-9p, skiing and riding on 25 trails with 4 lifts operating.  

Tubing:  The Plunge is open today with sessions from 2p-9p.  Ridgelys Fun Park is open on weekends from 11a-4p.  Purchase tickets in advance online for these popular activities.

Terrain Park:  Progression Park- 12ft flat rail, 16ft flat box, tank hip, 12ft down rail, flat propane tank, small step down jump, 16ft flat box, small down propane tank, 1/4 pipe hip.  Main Park- 
 30ft down rail, rainbow box, box jam, 20ft down rail, flat down rail, 4x8 butter box up to down 20ft box, snow box, 20ft flat rail, handrail set up, double kink down flat down, 20ft flat box, small table, medium table, large table top jump and flat propane tank.

Nastar:  Weather permitting, Nastar is open on Eagles Swoop 12-2 Saturday's and Sunday's.

Snowmaking:  We plan to make snow Wednesday and Thursday, allowing us to provide the best surface conditions possible.  SNOWPOWER is a wonderful thing, come check out what we can do!

Pics from this morning: