Saturday, March 10, 2012

Slide and Splash Weekend!

Slide and Splash Weekend is here with sunny skies, great skiing, riding, tubing, fun music, great food, rail jam on Saturday, costumes and pond skimming on Sunday. Click this link for detailed information about this great event  Don't miss one of funnest weekends of the year, make plans to be here!

SKI & RIDE: We will be open for DAY AND NIGHT SESSIONS today, skiing and riding on 12 slopes with 4 lifts.

TUBING: The Plunge will be open today, with sessions from 10am-11pm. Advanced tickets for tubing are available online. The Plunge is extremely popular, to make sure you can participate, please purchase tickets online ahead of time.

TERRAIN PARK: The Upper Dobie Mini Park is set up with a box line, tank line, rail line, a propane tank spine, gas tank hip and small table top. Box line- 10 ft flat box, 20 ft down box, and up box. Tank Line- small propane tank, tank bonk, large up tank. Rail Line- 15ft PHAT bar rail, 20ft down rail, double kink (flat up flat) rail. The table top has 2 takeoffs, one medium and one small.